Materials & Media III: 2020

Placemaking & Emergent Media

Exploration of the meanings of place through game design

Week 3 : Plot

As I don’t often play video games I decided to do some research to find which elements make an effective video game plot. Heres a summary of what I found. Plots are an essential part of video games it provides a purpose for the actions you make as a character. All of the most successfulContinue reading “Week 3 : Plot”

Week 4 : Level Design

This week I did some research into level design and what it takes to make a fun and addicting platform game. Two of the main elements in platform games are obstacles and enemies. In this post I will conduct research on the types of obstacles and enemies I will incorporate in my game and developContinue reading “Week 4 : Level Design”

Week 6 : Agile Prototyping

This week we experimented with agile prototyping of platform games. We were asked to make a prototype platform game from paper, pencils, glue and cardboard. At the time of making this prototype I had not finalised my game design so it has changed a lot as I furthered developed the plot of my game. HoweverContinue reading “Week 6 : Agile Prototyping”

Week 8 : Game Mechanics

Moving left & right This week I started to implement my games’ most basic mechanics, the players movement. I thought this would be a simple task but I found the Unity Playground material quite confusing as I don’t believe it was well explained. Instead I searched for help in tutorials on Youtube, I came acrossContinue reading “Week 8 : Game Mechanics”

Week 9 : Game Aesthetics

Level design Above are some rough sketches of my level designs which include obstacles, enemies and collectables. Background I created a rather abstract background for my game as I want it to feel mysterious and dark. As the player passes to the next levels the background will gradually lighten. Because of this I had toContinue reading “Week 9 : Game Aesthetics”

Week 11 : Final Game

Unfortunately I ran out of time to finish my game to completion as I had plans to included enemies, collectables and sound effects. This project was far more time consuming than I had anticipated as I took a long time to follow through all these tutorials as well as creating/editing all the game Illustrations. I’mContinue reading “Week 11 : Final Game”

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