Design Research II

Interactive Media Navigations

Expanding the universe
of a feature film.

Week 2: Chosen feature film analysis

Below is SWOT analysis containing further research into the potential of expanding the transmedia universe of the multi award winning film I have chosen, “Inception” by Christopher Nolan. My research found very little expansion into new medias using the concept of Christopher Nolans masterpiece Inception. After the films great blockbuster success there were rumours ofContinue reading “Week 2: Chosen feature film analysis”

Week 4: The pivot

This week after trying to conceptualise my form of transmedia for the film Inception as a game, I decided that I don’t think I will be able to design a concept that will encapsulate the complex nature of the film Inception in the time given. I tried to think of ways I could simplify theContinue reading “Week 4: The pivot”

Week 5: Contextual Inquiry

This weeks focus was to conduct some interviews to gain a better understanding about what potential users would expect to benefit from by using my proposed application and highlight any potential downsides or concerns about accessibility and usability. Being in lockdown I found it difficult to identify users to take part in this interview soContinue reading “Week 5: Contextual Inquiry”

Week 8 : Prototyping

This weeks focus was on creating my analogue prototype based on my initial concept as well as inheriting some design designs learnt throughout my surveys and interviews. Here a list of the pages in my application I plan to create for my analogue prototyping, after this has been created I will run through the prototypeContinue reading “Week 8 : Prototyping”

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