Communication Design Studio IV : Part B

Week 3 : Location Research

Brainstorm & Ideas Wildlife/Nature Documentary Possible Interviews Inspirational Conservation Natural Environment Photographic Moodboard I have put together a photographic moodboard containing some of my photographs I have taken at the Hamilton Gardens. Video Research I found this video to be extremely helpful in demonstrating how to take small clips and edit them together to workContinue reading “Week 3 : Location Research”

Week 5 : Location Proposal

Location Proposal Where is my location? I have chosen my kitchen as my location because its somewhere that is important to me in many ways. I love everything about cooking, but the main thing for me is the element of creativity and satisfaction that comes with creating something from scratch. I also recently started experimentingContinue reading “Week 5 : Location Proposal”

Week 9: Experimentation & Filming

Transitions Research – This week I did some further research into smooth transitions and learning how to make effective use of continuing camera movements to alleviate harsh cuts between related clips. This video covers some techniques I would like to experiment with when producing my film including zooming transition, panning transitions and using motion blurContinue reading “Week 9: Experimentation & Filming”

Week 12: Post Production & Presentation

Presentation Above is my presentation for the class to briefly outline my goals, research, inspiration and the process that went into producing my first complete draft film. Please see the full presentation above. Colour Grading Colour grading has been a continuous process through out post production. This is a comparison between unedited and the finalContinue reading “Week 12: Post Production & Presentation”

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