Week 6 : Agile Prototyping

This week we experimented with agile prototyping of platform games. We were asked to make a prototype platform game from paper, pencils, glue and cardboard. At the time of making this prototype I had not finalised my game design so it has changed a lot as I furthered developed the plot of my game. HoweverContinue reading “Week 6 : Agile Prototyping”

Week 2 : Principles of Gamification

The feelings I related to my location of Silo Park was the feeling of restriction and disconnection. These feelings stem from the nostalgia I feel as I see children in the park filled with joy, without a care in the world. This reminds me of my childhood and the freedom I used to feel withoutContinue reading “Week 2 : Principles of Gamification”

Week 1 : Project Brief & Silo Park Model

Since moving to Auckland a couple of years ago, Silo Park has become a significant place to me as it is somewhere within walking distance to my home. Silo Park has become somewhere I go to with friends and family to embrace the outdoor surroundings and simply release stress. Silo Park is in no senseContinue reading “Week 1 : Project Brief & Silo Park Model”

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