Week 5: Contextual Inquiry

This weeks focus was to conduct some interviews to gain a better understanding about what potential users would expect to benefit from by using my proposed application and highlight any potential downsides or concerns about accessibility and usability. Being in lockdown I found it difficult to identify users to take part in this interview soContinue reading “Week 5: Contextual Inquiry”

Week 4: Quantitative User Research

I created my survey on Microsoft Forms as it was free and allowed me create targeted questions based on the users responses. I then created a link to invite people to take part in my research, I shared this link on Instagram and directly to my friends and family. Survey Results Over the span ofContinue reading “Week 4: Quantitative User Research”

Week 3: Preliminary investigation of audience

This weeks focus was all about doing some initial research on our potential target audience. To kick this off I filled in the audience analysis sheet given to us in class, as can be seen below. I then also began to do some of my own research into popular techniques to identify and get toContinue reading “Week 3: Preliminary investigation of audience”

Week 2: Chosen feature film analysis

Below is SWOT analysis containing further research into the potential of expanding the transmedia universe of the multi award winning film I have chosen, “Inception” by Christopher Nolan. My research found very little expansion into new medias using the concept of Christopher Nolans masterpiece Inception. After the films great blockbuster success there were rumours ofContinue reading “Week 2: Chosen feature film analysis”

Week 1 : Feature film analysis

This week we were tasked to identify a feature film that would make an ideal candidate for expansion through the use of transmedia, whether that be through the medium of a game, book, comic, magazine or even an infographic. My chosen feature films to analyse: Slumdog Millionaire Forrest Gump Avatar Joker Inception Toy Story MonstersContinue reading “Week 1 : Feature film analysis”