Week 3 : Promo Video Research

Further Research I began doing some research into what makes a good promo video, this video below explained a couple important tips for getting started with promo videos and what to expect. The three main takeaways were: Make use of ‘master-shot’ to set your scene/introduce your video. This could be a wide angle shot orContinue reading “Week 3 : Promo Video Research”

Week 2 : Location Research

Hamilton Gardens For this assignment I have decided I would like to explore the Hamilton Gardens as my chosen location. I have chosen this location because it is somewhere I have a lot of childhood memories as I grew up in Hamilton. The Hamilton Gardens displays a wide range of different types of garden designs.Continue reading “Week 2 : Location Research”

Week 5 : Location Proposal

Location Proposal Where is my location? I have chosen my kitchen as my location because its somewhere that is important to me in many ways. I love everything about cooking, but the main thing for me is the element of creativity and satisfaction that comes with creating something from scratch. I also recently started experimentingContinue reading “Week 5 : Location Proposal”

Week 5 : Filtering Footage

Compiled Group Footage Video This week I spent a lot of time filtering through our footage and finding the footage that is of high enough quality for our video. We each contributed to a shared folder which contained clips we thought would be suitable for our promo video. Once everyone had made their contributions toContinue reading “Week 5 : Filtering Footage”

Week 3 : Location Research

Brainstorm & Ideas Wildlife/Nature Documentary Possible Interviews Inspirational Conservation Natural Environment Photographic Moodboard I have put together a photographic moodboard containing some of my photographs I have taken at the Hamilton Gardens. Video Research I found this video to be extremely helpful in demonstrating how to take small clips and edit them together to workContinue reading “Week 3 : Location Research”

Week 2 : Promo Video Research

I spent this week doing research into what makes a successful university promotional video, below are some of the examples I found and analysed. I will use this research to influence the design decisions we make for our video for AUT South Campus. Promo Video Research I like the amount of action shots that areContinue reading “Week 2 : Promo Video Research”

Week 10 : Further Game Development

This week I continued developing my game, my main focus was making checkpoints, allowing the character to die when falling and experimenting with moving platforms. Checkpoints When the player falls and dies I don’t want them to have to start all the way back at level one so instead I chose to create some checkpoints.Continue reading “Week 10 : Further Game Development”

Week 9 : Game Aesthetics

Level design Above are some rough sketches of my level designs which include obstacles, enemies and collectables. Background I created a rather abstract background for my game as I want it to feel mysterious and dark. As the player passes to the next levels the background will gradually lighten. Because of this I had toContinue reading “Week 9 : Game Aesthetics”

Week 7 – Media & Type Studies II

Cinemagraph Research Cinemagraph Exploration #1 Typography Artist Model https://www.behance.net/user/?username=tomaszbiernat #2 Typography Artist Model https://www.behance.net/ninagregier #1 Illustration Artist Model http://stevenharrington.com/ #2 Illustration Artist Model http://www.tanamachistudio.com/ Typeface Development Digitalising Illustrations Digitalising Typeface / First Attempt

Week 4 – Collage & Conceptual Type

Photographic Moodboard I have put together a photographic moodboard of the photos I have taken so far. Location Typography To start off my typography research in regards to my place, I have taken some photos of the typefaces that can be found at Silo Park. I found myself finding more construction signs than anything, whichContinue reading “Week 4 – Collage & Conceptual Type”