Week 13 – Final Film & Reflection

Kitchen Creations – Final Film Reflection Overall I am very pleased with the final outcome of my video although there are things that I could improve on given the extra time. Some of these improvements would include changing my title sequence as I think the current one does not suit the film style as muchContinue reading “Week 13 – Final Film & Reflection”

Week 12: Post Production & Presentation

Presentation Above is my presentation for the class to briefly outline my goals, research, inspiration and the process that went into producing my first complete draft film. Please see the full presentation above. Colour Grading Colour grading has been a continuous process through out post production. This is a comparison between unedited and the finalContinue reading “Week 12: Post Production & Presentation”

Week 5: Contextual Inquiry

This weeks focus was to conduct some interviews to gain a better understanding about what potential users would expect to benefit from by using my proposed application and highlight any potential downsides or concerns about accessibility and usability. Being in lockdown I found it difficult to identify users to take part in this interview soContinue reading “Week 5: Contextual Inquiry”

Week 4: Quantitative User Research

I created my survey on Microsoft Forms as it was free and allowed me create targeted questions based on the users responses. I then created a link to invite people to take part in my research, I shared this link on Instagram and directly to my friends and family. Survey Results Over the span ofContinue reading “Week 4: Quantitative User Research”

Week 10: Filming & Post Production

Handheld Filming Research As I had no prior experience in to handheld filming I decided to do research in to techniques and tips to improve stability and create smooth unique shots to further enhance my film. The three key points I took out of this video is to extend the camera out from your body,Continue reading “Week 10: Filming & Post Production”

Week 9: Experimentation & Filming

Transitions Research – This week I did some further research into smooth transitions and learning how to make effective use of continuing camera movements to alleviate harsh cuts between related clips. This video covers some techniques I would like to experiment with when producing my film including zooming transition, panning transitions and using motion blurContinue reading “Week 9: Experimentation & Filming”

Week 8: Experimentation & Filming

#2 Underwater filming – Reshoot This shows some of the footage I captured for my reshoot for the underwater footage I would like to have in my film. This time after doing further research into underwater product filming. I was able to capture much clearer results and eliminated as much of the reflection as IContinue reading “Week 8: Experimentation & Filming”

Week 6: Research & Filming

Stop Motion – Title Sequence Idea I came across this photo on Google Images that gave me inspiration to somehow incorporate a similar result using stop motion for my title sequence. I think this could be an effective way to introduce my film as the title sequence plays a vital part in immediately captivating theContinue reading “Week 6: Research & Filming”

Week 3: Preliminary investigation of audience

This weeks focus was all about doing some initial research on our potential target audience. To kick this off I filled in the audience analysis sheet given to us in class, as can be seen below. I then also began to do some of my own research into popular techniques to identify and get toContinue reading “Week 3: Preliminary investigation of audience”

Week 2: Chosen feature film analysis

Below is SWOT analysis containing further research into the potential of expanding the transmedia universe of the multi award winning film I have chosen, “Inception” by Christopher Nolan. My research found very little expansion into new medias using the concept of Christopher Nolans masterpiece Inception. After the films great blockbuster success there were rumours ofContinue reading “Week 2: Chosen feature film analysis”

Week 7 : Final AUT Promo Video

Below is my final promotional video for AUT South Campus, overall I am happy with the outcome considering we had limited filming time due to the Covid-19 lockdown situation. I think given more time to film my final outcome would have been a lot different as due to the limited footage, I just had toContinue reading “Week 7 : Final AUT Promo Video”

Week 1 : Feature film analysis

This week we were tasked to identify a feature film that would make an ideal candidate for expansion through the use of transmedia, whether that be through the medium of a game, book, comic, magazine or even an infographic. My chosen feature films to analyse: Slumdog Millionaire Forrest Gump Avatar Joker Inception Toy Story MonstersContinue reading “Week 1 : Feature film analysis”

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