Week 8 : Prototyping

This weeks focus was on creating my analogue prototype based on my initial concept as well as inheriting some design designs learnt throughout my surveys and interviews. Here a list of the pages in my application I plan to create for my analogue prototyping, after this has been created I will run through the prototype with some potential users and get their initial thoughts on the design and features before moving on to create my first conceptual digital prototype in Adobe XD:

  • Splash/loading page βœ“
  • Sign-in/up page βœ“
  • Home feed (Menubar) βœ“
  • Browse (Trick type, tutorial, professional, amateur, looking for feedback)
  • Follow feature (Allows users videos to appear top of your feed or subscribe with notifications)
  • View media page (From clicking on a video from home page or search results)
  • Start discussion (Similar to comments, toggle if its discussion contains spoilers)
  • Direct messages (Menubar)
  • Search example (Videos, tricks, events and people)
  • Notification example (Toolbar top right screen)
  • Create media page (Menubar)
  • Reveal trick feature
  • Events?
  • My profile (Toolbar top left)

My Analogue Prototype (Pencil/Paper)

Details for each screen, explain what they do and then create digital prototype

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