Week 13 – Final Film & Reflection

Kitchen Creations – Final Film


Overall I am very pleased with the final outcome of my video although there are things that I could improve on given the extra time. Some of these improvements would include changing my title sequence as I think the current one does not suit the film style as much as I would of hoped. I would of also liked to reshoot the stop motion to minimise noise and use consistent lighting. I have really enjoyed this assignment and have spent a lot of time experimenting with new techniques and trying to perfect as many shots I could with out wasting resources. My concept for this assignment was to tell a story about my kitchen in a exaggerated and dramatic manner, which I think I have accomplished, and by incorporating the establishing shots of the kitchen help to instil this narrative. I wanted the viewer to feel fully immersed with in my location but still recognise the location of a kitchen. After receiving some feedback last week after my presentation I decided to remove the experimental text I had placed in the clips with the flying food as it spoils the framing and adds no substance or value. I also decided to change the text on my title sequence as the paint brush animation did not suit my simplistic approach, instead I added a simple typewriter animation with the same typeface. Overall this assignment made me realise videography is something I am really passionate about and would love to pursue and continue to learn and improve in this field. This year partly due to Covid-19 I believe I have grown and developed new skills on how to independently do in-depth research and experimentation accordingly and believe this has benefited my learning outcome.

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