Week 12: Post Production & Presentation


Above is my presentation for the class to briefly outline my goals, research, inspiration and the process that went into producing my first complete draft film. Please see the full presentation above.

Colour Grading

Colour grading has been a continuous process through out post production. This is a comparison between unedited and the final result. I made slight adjustments to the clips throughout the editing process as my main sequence grew. As I had initially planned through colour grading I focused on increasing vibrancy and saturation but keeping the natural hues of the scene intact. Looking through my previous progressional footage you can clearly notice a continuous change in my videos colour grading. I believe through my colour grading I was able to portray the emotions I set out to achieve.

Final Draft Video


Above is another compilation of my edited footage so far. This week I will be focusing on minor adjustments to make in the time I have left. After getting some feedback on Monday I have decided I am going to take out the text shown in the flying food scene and also change my title sequence. I also am going to colour grade further as I still see some faults.

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