Week 11: Post Production

Paint Brush Tutorial

I chose to do some research into how to create a paint brush effect in After Effects so I can make my title sequence text be painted in, I chose to experiment with this style as it implies a sense of creativity as I want to portray in the kitchen.

Title Sequence

Above is the outcome of my title sequence after adding the paint brushed text effect to my already established stop motion. I do really like the effect but I’m not sure how well it flows with the rest of my film, I will wait to receive some feedback after my presentation to decide whether there are ways I can improve it to better suit my theme.

Text Experiments

After some initial feedback in class I decided I would try and experiment with some graphic text as my film could potentially benefit from some added graphics. I decided the best scenes to use for this experimentation was the flying fruit as there was quite a bit of negative space and they are simple enough that the text will not distract the viewer from any action. I had not planned for any of my shots to contain any text so I’m not sure how they would be framed. Below is the result from my initial text experimentation, I am not sure if it has much impact to the clip as it is very quick and the words don’t really add any extra value to the film, so they may just be distracting.

Audio Adjustments

During the process of collating all my footage I had been aligning the shots as best as I could to sync with the music and I was satisfied with how it was looking however I was running out of audio space at the start of my main sequence for my title sequence. As I didn’t want to shuffle my clips around to sync them back up with the music I decided I would try and extend the start of my audio by duplicating part of the repeating beat. This gave me an approximately and extra 10 seconds of extra audio at the start of my film for my title sequence. The clipping is almost seamless and would not be noticeable unless you are familiar with the song.

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