Week 4: Quantitative User Research

I created my survey on Microsoft Forms as it was free and allowed me create targeted questions based on the users responses. I then created a link to invite people to take part in my research, I shared this link on Instagram and directly to my friends and family.

Survey Results

Over the span of the week I was able to receive a total of 14 responses to my survey which is more than I was expecting, so I hope I am able to make some informed decisions for my mobile application based off the results.

Result Summary
Key takeaways
  • As I expected my main survey respondents were in my age bracket however I did receive some responses from brackets either side.
  • 65% of the participants had seen the move Now You See Me
  • Overall the participates who had seen the movie rated it an average score of 7.7
  • No participant in the 50-65 age range had seen the movie, Now You See Me
  • 86% of participants enjoy magic whether that be performing or watching.
  • The majority of participants have seen magic shows live aswell as recorded (DVD, TV), they majority also agreed that it was better to watch performances live however not always possible so its good to have other options.
  • Surprisingly 6 of my participants had experience with performing their own magic (Sounds like the majority were card/coin tricks) and another 4 had expressed interest in learning some form of magic. That totals to around 70% having an interest in learning/performing magic tricks that could benefit from using my proposed application.
  • One of the most interesting takeaways from these results I found was the rather split proportion of participants that like to know how a magic trick is performed. I also noticed a strong correlation between those who like/would like to learn tricks, like to know how a trick is performed. I assume the others who have no interest in performing the tricks themselves prefer that sense of wonder and amazement when something seemingly impossible happens in front of their eyes.
  • As suspected those who would be interested in learning more magic their first choice for this resource online would be Youtube as research shows Gen-Z (who are the majority of my participants) see Youtube as their preferred learning resource.
  • It was quite evident that card and disappearing tricks were the most favourable as they are the most common. It seems that users may not have known what cyber illusionism is as it is a new digital take on magic.
Design Considerations
  • Not all users want to know how a magic trick is performed, allow this to be a setting or a “tap to reveal” in the app
  • As the majority of participants agreed they preferred live shows, like one of the respondents suggested it could be beneficial to notify users of magic events around them. This could also help the performers promote their events to a more targeted audience.
  • In the some free text responses it was clear that some users had learnt through books, so including some written instructions would be a good idea too.
  • A difficult thing about learning a practical skill online is the inability to receive feedback as you go. I think it would be a good idea to incorporate the ability for learning users to respond to tutorials with their attempts to get tips and pointers from the tutor themselves on how to improve.
  • There is quite evidently preferred types of magic tricks throughout the community so having the ability to filter by these types and search will accommodate for the users interests. Having these categories could also get recognition for the lesser known approaches to magic like cyber illusionism.

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