Week 10: Filming & Post Production

Handheld Filming Research

As I had no prior experience in to handheld filming I decided to do research in to techniques and tips to improve stability and create smooth unique shots to further enhance my film. The three key points I took out of this video is to extend the camera out from your body, move with your body not your arms and to move with speed. These are all techniques to improve camera stability and improve the quality of the final shot.

Handheld Experiments

I wanted to experiment with following the movement of the action seen in these clips. I think by doing this it creates a more dramatic effect and more captivating for the viewer as it reinforces my goal of immersion. The second shot seen above is one of my favourite experiments as I believe its well timed and the thump on the bench top exaggerates the action in the shot.

Transition Experiments

Here are some transition experiments I made using techniques learnt from one of Daniel Schiffers tutorials where he explained to use camera movement at the end of your shots to seamless transition to another clip. I wish I had stumbled across this tutorial earlier into my filming process as I found it difficult to incorporate these transitions to. existing clips. however in the end I think they turned out quite well. I decided not to use too many of these kinds of transition as I believe the hard cuts suited the fast paced action and style of the clip however these transitions helped break the pattern of repeated hard cuts and keeps the viewer interested.

Flying Food Research

After seeing a consistent pattern in my research into food reels I really wanted to capture food flying in my video and thought it would make an exciting climax for my film. In this video Daniel demonstrates an effective way to get the desired result I was looking for in his own home using minimal equipment. I am going to follow this process when experimenting with this effect.

Flying Food Experiments

Above are a few of the outcomes for my flying food experiments, which I thought were really cool and I decided to capture more of them including a collection of ingredients used through out the film. I then hope to sync these up to a certain part of the audio which I think will be fitting to the climax of my film. This was some of the most time consuming clips to shoot as it was difficult to get the perfect shot with the ingredients filling the frame and not accidentally getting the food tray in the frame, not to mention it also created a lot of mess in the process.

Speed Ramping Research

Example of speed ramp graphs in my film.

Above is a tutorial I found by Peter McKinnon which covers the process of speed ramping which is very important for my film when using slo motion footage to create dramatic effects for action within the clips. I was very surprised with how simple this process was and I made use of both hard cut speed changes and smooth speed ramps throughout my film as can be seen in the screenshot above.

#4 Progressive Footage


Overall I found this to be a very productive week and my film is really starting to take shape as I started adding the finer details like speed ramping and rearranging the sequence to improve the flow of my film and to better represent my location.

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