Week 9: Experimentation & Filming

Transitions Research –

This week I did some further research into smooth transitions and learning how to make effective use of continuing camera movements to alleviate harsh cuts between related clips. This video covers some techniques I would like to experiment with when producing my film including zooming transition, panning transitions and using motion blur to create a more seamless and smooth transition. Looking at my compiled footage so far I think the upbeat and fast paced style of my film suits the use of hard cuts for the majority of my transitions, however there are some I think could require some more emphasis and motion.

Artist Model – Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon is an award winning photographer and videographer that accompanied Daniel Schiffer is his video above for transition techniques. He has some amazing and inspiring footage across his social medias, though he does not have much of a focus on food photography his techniques can be translated to shooting almost anything.

#3 Progress Footage


This video displays more of the footage I captured this week. I wasn’t able to get as much of my footage done this week as I had planned but instead I did further research into artist models and searched for inspiration as I am worried my video is going to plateau and I am not going to achieve the result I am hoping for so I decided to look for other ways to keep the viewers engaged.

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