Week 8: Experimentation & Filming

#2 Underwater filming – Reshoot

Raw Footage

This shows some of the footage I captured for my reshoot for the underwater footage I would like to have in my film. This time after doing further research into underwater product filming. I was able to capture much clearer results and eliminated as much of the reflection as I could. I did this by lowering my ISO to minimise noise, increasing my aperture and using an ND filter. I also decided to not use a white backdrop and instead used a white wall as the backdrop which I think worked out much better. After doing more research and experimentation, I learnt that by leaving the surface of the water in the frame it creates an interesting effect as we get to see the object break the surface and are able to see more air bubbles as it submerges. Overall I am pleased with the outcome of my second experimental shoot.

Stop Motion Experiments

Here are some of the outcomes for my first stop motion experiments, I think they turned out well. I do wish I had some rigged lighting as the natural light was constantly changing creating inconsistencies in brightness of the images. I did my best to mitigate this in post-production by color grading each image separately.

Artist Model – Daniel Schiffer

Daniel Schiffer is a well known Filmmaker & YouTuber with an extensive social media following. Specialising in Commercial and Product B Rolls, Daniel is known for producing seamless sequences that never fail to captivate his audience. His unique way to transitioning shots is something I aspire to learn as to me they are what keeps to audience interested. Daniel offers behind the scenes tutorials on YouTube which I found very helpful to watch and examine his process and techniques to inspire my own work. After watching some of his videos and seeing his process of shooting and the transitions he adds to the end of his shots to make them all flow, left me wishing I had experimented with this earlier on in my filming because I think this would have elevated the quality of my final footage and helped the overall flow of my film. However in Daniels video about post production he mentions being able to do some transitions in post production using effects which I will experiment with at a later date. With any shots I identify that need to be reshot and the footage I have left to shoot, I am going to keep in mind the transitioning aspect because I think this is a vital part in keeping it captivating for the viewer.

Photoshop – Title Sequence

Here is a sequence of images I took for a stop motion as part of my title sequence, I took these photos in some direct natural lighting by a window and used some white paper and the background. The white paper did not turn out as white as I hoped so I decided to photoshop those areas out and create a pure white background to increase the contrast with my title. I made use of the magic selection tool and some feathering to get the desired effect.

Macro Fruit Photographs

#2 Progress Footage

Here is a compilation of my footage so far, I am very pleased with how it is progressing. Unfortunately I did not anticipate how time consuming it is to capture these shots would be, as shooting in slo-motion allows viewers to see small movements or details they may not usually see at normal speed, this means it can take many attempts to perfect the shots. I initially thought that the extreme fruit close ups could make an interesting photo montage however I will need to take more examples and see how they work together next week.

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