Week 6: Research & Filming

Stop Motion – Title Sequence Idea

(Photo Credit: Google Images)

I came across this photo on Google Images that gave me inspiration to somehow incorporate a similar result using stop motion for my title sequence. I think this could be an effective way to introduce my film as the title sequence plays a vital part in immediately captivating the audience. Like the picture seen above, my idea is to frame the shot with fruit and vegetables to instantly give the viewer the sense of ‘fresh & healthy’ produce. Using stop motion I will then take take away some of the items until transitioning to my film. I think this will work well with being accompanied with text to further enhance my title sequence.

(Screenshot taken from the video above)


Above is a screenshot of stop motion seen in the video referenced. I think making text out of vegetables was an effective way to incorporate text in their film. I definitely think it will be worth experimenting with when it comes to my title sequence or to break up my footage.

Stop Motion Research

This week I took the time to do research on creating stop motion sequences. These tutorials taught me the relationship between movement and frames and the effect they have on each other when creating stop motion videos. If you are making very fine movements between photos you are going to have a much smoother effect (closer to resembling a video), however the move drastic the movement the more stuttered and choppy the film can look which can be a very effective visual technique especially for quickly showing process or transformation of objects.

Artist Model – Olena Balatska

Olena demonstrates some very simple yet effective use of stop motion the first consisting of different products all placed in the same position and swapping out frame by frame. The second clip is a rather subtle approach to stop motion with only a couple of pictures played in sequence with an ever so slight panning movement, this gives the shot a bit more energy and fast pace compared to a video of the same shot.

Artist Model – Les Garçons

These are some cool examples that inspired of stop motion I found whilst doing research. I think recreating a similar scene and mixing it in with my video footage would make for an interesting effect and help break up some of my footage and keep the viewer entertained.

Underwater Filming/ Photography

During my research on food reels, I found that underwater footage is featured in almost every video I watched. Although I don’t have nearly as much equipment as seen in this video, I still want to give it a go and see what I can produce with the equipment I have. I borrowed an old fish tank from my parents that was no longer being used so I hope I will be able to get some usable footage, though I am worried lighting may be an issue as I don’t have any artificial lighting so I will have to make use of some natural light by setting up my shoot by a window as recommended in the tutorial.

Draft Music Selection

As Daniel Schiffer suggested in his tutorial on how to plan/storyboard for his B-roll sequences he mentioned it is best to select your music first and then revolve you scenes around it so that the music can compliment your footage as much as possible. I want to use something that was rather upbeat as I planned to include a lot of chaotic food movement and quick cuts between sequences also something that has a rapid or repeating beat that would sync well with some stop motion clips. I had trouble finding a suitable song on Youtube Audio Library, however my boyfriend suggested me a couple of songs he knew and I thought one of them suited quite well, so I searched for an instrumental version as the lyrics were distracting. I had then decided that Pity Party – Melanie Martinez (Instrumental) would most likely be the soundtrack to my short film.

Shot List –

Above is a detailed shot list containing the camera shots, camera angles, camera movement, camera equipment & background/props. I started by writing down 5 different recipes I would like to revolve my film around. I then wrote down all the possible shots I could capture with each ingredient in each recipe. After I had a rough list of shots I ordered them in the way that I visualised would work well in a sequence.


Above this a very rough story board I have created outlining the shots I am planning to capture but not limiting to. I have roughly drawn some of the shots seen in my shot list.

170Fps > 120Fps

After doing some experiments I have decided I am going to be mainly shooting in 120fps instead of 170fps, which will allow me to slow down my footage 5 times normal speed rather than 7 times that 170fps would give me. The main reason I have made this decision is that shooting at 170fps requires a rather fast shutter speed and only using natural light indoors this meant I had to increase my ISO which resulted in a slightly grainy/noisy image. although I still want to experiment with using both FPS rates, I will need to make sure I have sufficient lighting when shooting at the increased frame rate. Below is a comparison.



#1 Underwater Experiment

Above is a clip from my first experiment with shooting underwater, unfortunately I wasn’t very pleased with the overall result as there is a prominent reflection in the glass which is very distracting and the image is very grainy. It also seems the white paper I was using for a background absorbs a lot of the light leaving the background rather dull which meant I had to have quite a high ISO causing the noisy image quality. However I am determined to get these right and will try again after I do some further research to find what went wrong and how to improve my results.

#1 Stop Motion Experiment

This was my first experiment with stop motion. Overall I am happy with the final result, although my camera battery died through out the process of taking these photographs so by the time it had charged the lighting had slightly changed and so did the camera position but after joining them together in a sequence and colour correcting them, I think it still works out well.

#2 Stop Motion Experiment

In the stop motion above I had issues with keeping the framing consistent due to using a horizontal arm which wasn’t very stable with the weight of my camera extended at full length. This meant it kept moving slightly between shots resulting in a slightly jittery animation, which is especially noticeable when focusing on the plate. At this stage I am unsure if I will use this clip because I have another shot in mind that may be better fit.

Contact Sheet – Title Sequence (Stop Motion)

Above is a collection of photos taken I am going to use to experiment with creating a stop motion for my title sequence. My process of taking these photographs was to position the fruit in frame how I wanted my end result to look like and progressively remove the fruit and take a shot. The reason I did it this way was to reduce the risk of the movement on the other objects in the frame that would occur when adding new fruit to the frame. I set up my camera in a birds eye position using a tripod and a horizontal arm. After watching a YouTube video referenced below I decided to use a white roll of paper to cover a table, similar to what they recommended. I think this worked well to add contrast and will make it easier to manipulated in post-production.


#1 Progress Footage


The footage I was able to capture this week took a lot more time than I had anticipated. Although I did have a shot list of all the potential shots I could capture which I think was very helpful, I underestimated how many attempts it would take to get a shot I was happy with. I think preparing a shot list really helped with the process as it formed a foundation for the shots I wanted to capture and I could then form my experiments along the way to get my desired outcome. The first two shots seen in this video were done by setting up my tripod and attaching the chopping board and the spoon on to a box, I then dropped the fruit and drizzled maple syrup. I also experimented with a tabletop skater dolly which allowed me to get smooth dolly shots from a variety of different angles. I think this worked well to incorporate camera movement with the action in my shots. The last two shots seen in this video were taken with a macro lens, I wanted to experiment with getting extreme close ups of the fruit to capture their detailed textures, although I don’t think I was able to do the fruits justice, I still think by retaking these shots and creating a photo montage of extreme closes ups of fruit could work well with my theme. The biggest challenge I faced this week was the shot of throwing the bread up and the bread loaf coming back down after many attempts I was still unable to achieve a seamless transition but I think it still worked out okay.

One thought on “Week 6: Research & Filming

  1. Hey Margot, this is awesome work, I see you have already created some sort of shot list. Love that shot of the kneading dough and the lemon squeeze! Have you thought about the narrative structure or some form of storytelling, Maybe it could be the process of making a recipe or something?


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