Week 3: Preliminary investigation of audience

This weeks focus was all about doing some initial research on our potential target audience. To kick this off I filled in the audience analysis sheet given to us in class, as can be seen below.

I then also began to do some of my own research into popular techniques to identify and get to know your target audience. I found a great article that contained 7 ways to get to know your audience better. The techniques I will be exploring further throughout this process are; looking at competitors, creating customer personas (will be expanding on my basic personas created above) and conducting surveys. I carrying out these further research techniques will help me better understand my target audience and allow me to design a gaming experience that will attempt to cater to their needs and give the game as much potential success as the original movie.

Customer Personas

Tony Marsh

Tony Marsh is a 26 year old male from Gold Coast, Australia. Tony works as a I.T Consultant for an Australia Power Company. Tony lives alone and spends his free time in the local gym or playing video games at home. Tony is a big fan of Role Playing Game and is always on the look out for new and upcoming games to play on his Playstation. He loves the immersive feel of role playing games, he is able to experience adventurous lives that wouldn’t be possible in real life.

Katie O’Myer

Competitor Research

When looking at potential competitors in this market I decided to do research into the Sci-Fi genre of video games and filter these down by the more intellectually complex and problem solving type games that I believe would have a similar audience to the potential Inception video game. Here is what I found when looking for the top SciFi video games;

No Man’s Sky – IGN Score : 7.8

This game is an exploration based survival game which takes place across an infinity number of galaxies. There is no real aim to the game it can be played until you feel satisfied that you have explored enough of the universe and have gained the skills to obtain materials, fight/train unknown creatures and fix/upgrade your aircraft. Though this falls in the scene SciFi genre we will be focused in I think my game would be more target towards the problems solving and completing the mission much like the plot of the movie.

Destiny 2 – IGN Score : 8.5

This game is a multiplayer first person shooter, though it focuses on the first person shooter aspect it is still a mission based story it may just lack the mystery and problem solving aspect that I would expect to be in the Inception video game. Though I believe the target audience would cross over between the two.

Mass Effect 2 – IGN Score 9.6

An old game from 2012 but has managed to set the standard for high quality action role playing games for years. This appears to be focused mainly on action and shooting aspects when I vision Inception to revolve around a strong action packed compelling story line.

Portal 2 – IGN Score 9.5

This game looks to be the most similar to the type of game play I would like to achieve. There are different levels just like in the movie Inception which correspond to how many dreams deep they are. On every level there is a new problem to solve, the solution is not always obvious and can require deep thinking and possibility to be solved multiple ways. As this game is now quite old I don’t consider it to be of much competition in the current market but more of inspiration and something to learn and compare my concept to.


I decided I will create a survey using a survey tool called ‘Survey Monkey‘ and distribute a link for it via a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Reddit and Instagram. I hope this will give me a ranged demographic of responses and I will help me better understand my target audience. I will allow for a week until I collate my results so it hopefully gives time to get at least 20 responses.

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