Week 1 : Feature film analysis

This week we were tasked to identify a feature film that would make an ideal candidate for expansion through the use of transmedia, whether that be through the medium of a game, book, comic, magazine or even an infographic.

My chosen feature films to analyse:

  • Slumdog Millionaire
  • Forrest Gump
  • Avatar
  • Joker
  • Inception
  • Toy Story
  • Monsters Inc
  • Finding Nemo
  • Now You See Me

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

– Won 8 Oscars
– Another 147 various award won
– Well known
– Difficult to expand to another medium
– Lost its relevance/Missed opportunity
– Long film I would need to re-watch to analyse
– Limited demographic as a drama/romance film
– Contains sensitive content
– Controversy around child actors being under paid

Forrest Gump (1994)

– Timeless classic
– Very well known
– In IMDB’s top movies list so there is a
very large audience
– Won 6 oscars and 44 other various awards
– Becoming less well known with the younger generation (Declining audience)
– In IMDB’s top movies list so there is a
very large audience
– Based on a novel so some transmedia options have been explored

Avatar (2009)

– Won 3 Oscars and 86 other various awards
– Broke the record for highest grossing box-office
film of all time in 2009.
– Categorised as one of the most popular genres.
– Large demographic as is suitable and enjoyed by all ages
– Has already been explored in trans-media in the form of books, video games, action figures and even postage stamps.

Joker (2019)

– Won 2 Oscars and 97 various other awards.
– Superhero/villains historically make great candidates for trans-media options including games, toys and comics
– Quite a dark and serious theme throughout
– Is considered to already be a piece of trans-media as this film is part of the Batman universe.

Inception (2010)

– Won 4 oscars and 144 various other awards
– Though it has been discussed, trans-media options have not yet been created
– Very unique/different storyline, so could bring something new to other medias.
– The ending of the film is very ambiguous leaving possibilities for a sequel and/or spin offs. Many possibilties.
– Fading popularity
– Known for its confusing/mystery, might not appeal to the younger audience
– Movie is quite long so would take time to re-watch and analyse.

Now You See Me (2013)

– Won a Saturn award for best Thriller and nominated for 2 more awards
– Rated 7.3 on IMDB
– A sequel has been made in 2016 keeping it relevant to the younger generation
– Potential in transmedia options have already been recognised as VR mobile game was proposed for sequel release but fell through for unknown reasons. Leaves opportunity in the market
– The idea of magic is intriguing to a large demographic
– A lot of the movie is very far fetched but the concept is cool.
– Some of the tricks or illusions in the film are impossible to explain so they are just accepted to be magic which can frustrate viewers.
– May have passed its time

Toy Story (1995)

– Nominated for 3 Oscars
– Won 47 other film awards
– First computer animated movie ever made.
– There is a theory that all Pixar films are apart of the same universe meaning there is possibility for crossovers between films and characters.
– Very clever and witty not only aimed at younger audiences.
– Already has a very strong franchise of trans-media
material including books, action figures, games and not to mention the 3 sequels.

Monsters Inc (2001)

– Won an Oscar (Best Music) and 14 other awards
– There is a whole universe of crazy characters
– Possible story lines are limitless. Monsters getting stuck in the human world?
– Well known animation
– Some strong trans-media material has already been established including video games, books, toys, a prequel and even live stage shows.
– Smaller demographic as it is an old kids movie, may not be as appealing to todays younger generation.
– It’s time may have passed.

Finding Nemo (2003)

– Won an Oscar and 48 other awards.
– Recent sequel ‘Finding Dory’ has restored relevance in the original film.
– Very clever and witty not only aimed at younger audiences.
– Already a sequel has been made
– There is a lot of merchandise for Finding Nemo.
– A video game for the film was released in the same year.


Due to its overwhelming success and lack of exploration in trans-media, I have decided I will explore expanding the universe of Inception. A world where technology has been created by the military to allow people to immerse themselves into the subconscious of a subjects mind. Allowing them to obtain secrets or even plant thoughts into the subjects mind. Though this film may be getting quite dated I feel people will always remember and be fond of it due to the confusing and twisting storyline that leaves the audience wondering. I have not yet concluded what media type I will be exploring further but I think the concept of the film opens up a lot of opportunities that were unfortunately left undeveloped.

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