Week 7 : Final AUT Promo Video

Below is my final promotional video for AUT South Campus, overall I am happy with the outcome considering we had limited filming time due to the Covid-19 lockdown situation. I think given more time to film my final outcome would have been a lot different as due to the limited footage, I just had to work with what was available to me. I’m also disappointed we were unable to continue in a group due to the lockdown making it too difficult to collaborate effectively. If I was given more time there are a couple of things I would improve on this video, they include;

  • Re-shooting some of the footage and experimenting with more movement shots.
  • I would seek some advice on the alignment of my panning shot by the stairs. I found the shot to still look slightly misaligned even when aligned with the horizon. I believe because of the angle it was shot on it just always appears slightly misaligned to me.
  • I would have like to keep all the footage of the same quality as some of the clips I used weren’t full HD.

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