Week 6 : Post Production

This week with my full sequence of clips formed I started to add some post production effects. I first focused on lining my sequences up with the music to make smooth transition with the notes in the song. Prior to my scheduled one on one review with David; I then started to experiment with adding graphical overlays in the form of text to some of my clips, these text elements contained facts about AUT’s educational achievements. I used a Google Chrome add on (WhatFont) to identify the font used on the AUT website, I wanted all the text to follow AUTs style of branding. I then followed a tutorial which showed me how to make smooth text motion animations by adjusting the animation curve and using directional blurs, see the tutorial below.

I chose to only add a few of these elements to then gain feedback from David to then decide if I should continue with them. Below is the draft video I showed to David during our review session.

Draft Promo Video #2


David was able to identify a couple of issues in my video that I did not notice until closer inspection. The main one was some overall jitteriness which was caused by my sequences not all having the same settings, predominantly the frame rate which caused a drastic reduction in quality when viewed in full resolution. I fixed this by going through all my sequences and ensuring they were all using identical settings and I also made sure these same settings were used during my export process. There was also some small errors with my text animations having extra key frames causing them to move irregularly, I fixed this by removing those extra keyframes I must have added by accident. David also pointed out during this review that one of my panning shots was also misaligned so I did my best to remedy this by aligning the shot with the horizon.

Flare Overlay

I wanted to make use of some lighting overlays to add an extra dimension to some of the shots in my video. The drone shot I used at the start of my video originally had a faint light source in the corner which I lost when I decided to crop the original footage. I decided to try add this back in using an overlay, to give the impression that the sun is beaming through the clouds over the campus and in turn giving the clip a more warm and welcoming feeling. I the tutorial below on Youtube which also offered free high quality overlays for lighting and showed how to apply them to your project. I found one within the pack that I thought worked well and looked natural, I rotated it to fit it into the top left corner of the video. See the comparison of stills below and a short GIF of the outcome.

Anamorphic Lens Flare

As part of the lens flare over pack I downloaded in the tutorial above there were also a collection of colored ‘anamorphic’ lens flares which I thought would really brighten up my exit sequence and just add an extra element of color. Below is the outcome.

Applying a LUT

When exporting my video I found that the colors were a lot duller and desaturated than they showed in Adobe Premier Preview and that Quicktime player showed a much brighter version than when played on Youtube. I did some Googling to see if anyone else had encountered a similar issue and it turns out that I wasn’t alone. I found a video explaining that this was an issue with Adobe Premiere Pro and they had released a form in the form of a LUT which essentially works like a filter to apply to my whole video and it worked great. Video below explaining the issue and how to resolve it.

Draft Promo Video #3 (Completed Text & Special Effects)

Here is my next exported draft which includes the completed text graphics including the transition animations and the lens overlay effects on the drone video and the outro sequence. Next I need to create my credits sequence.

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