Week 5 : Filtering Footage

Compiled Group Footage Video

This week I spent a lot of time filtering through our footage and finding the footage that is of high enough quality for our video. We each contributed to a shared folder which contained clips we thought would be suitable for our promo video. Once everyone had made their contributions to this shared folder, I decided to compile all the clips together into a sequence. The reason I did this was to give us an idea of how much “usable” footage we had and also to familiarise myself with Adobe Premiere Pro before we start creating our video. I also took the opportunity to touch up some of the clips in the compiled footage by cropping, scaling or rotating them. Some of these clips also required color correcting as they were over either under or over exposed. I then took this a step further by learning how to color grade by adjusting the exposure, shadows, contrast and highlight so each clip transitioned smoothly. I then uploaded this video to Youtube to share with the group.

Colour Correction

Below are some before and after stills showing the outcome of my colour correction process.

Compiled Footage Video

The next day after uploading the compiled footage video to Youtube our group decided it would be best if we split up and worked on individual projects given the current working environment due to Covid-19. This meant instead of produce a 5 minute video we were reduced to 1:00 – 1:30 minute, this meant that I had to filter through the footage once more to narrow down what I want to feature in my short promo.

At this point I uploaded all our footage to Youtube for others in the class to use. As we were unable to go out and do more filming this allowed us to get a wider variety of shots from other groups.

Further Filtering (My Groups Footage)

Below are the thumbnails for the videos our group took I decided I wanted to feature in my film.

Footage Collection (Other Groups Footage)

Below are the thumbnails for videos done by other groups that I have would like to feature in my film, of course giving credit to the videographer.

Story Boarding

Below is a story board containing the footage that I have chosen will feature in my video. I have decided my video will start with a drone shot to establish the location and environment of the University. There will then be some short nature/outdoor shots that will be synced with the music. The video will then transition to show the people on the campus starting with a timelapse to show the liveliness of the environment. The still shots in the middle of the video will be overlaid with graphics containing statistics about the University. The video will fade out to credits from another drone shot tracking out from the campus.

Music Selection

When it came to finding a soundtrack for my video I wasn’t sure where to look for free licensed music, with a quick Google search I found Youtube’s audio library. I wanted something inspiration but not mellow so I set the filter to inspirational and started working my way through. Using my pre compiled footage on Youtube I would play the audio and my footage at the same time to get an idea of how it would flow. It didn’t take me long to stumble across an electronic piece by Corban Kites called Birds. I liked the beat and the sudden change in notes I found to make great transition points for my footage.

Title Sequence

For my title sequence I wanted to display the AUT logo in white with a black background (like below) but I wanted to display it in a way I could explore the use of simple animation.

I decided I would have the ‘AUT’ part of the logo fade in and have ‘university’ appear to be typed out underneath. First I found a tutorial to show me how to have the logo fade in which turned out to be quite easy following along with the video below.

Next I needed to make it look like the letters in ‘university’ were being typed, I found the following tutorial which basically involved each letter becoming visible once at a time.

Taking inspiration from the video below I wanted to create a line animation which revealed my text. There wasn’t an exact example on how to do this in the video so I had to adapt one of his to suit my needs.

Final Intro Sequence

Hyper lapse Effect

Inspired by one of the AUT promotional videos I discovered during my research I wanted to incorporate a timelapse or hyperlapse to show a lively atmosphere in the campus. Unfortunately not being able to go back to campus and shoot prevented me from making my own so I decided to try and make use of some of the footage taken by other groups members. There was a panning shot taken by Maddie & Milan which I thought could have made a cool timelapse so I did some research to find an alternative to turn this sequence into a timelapse. Below is the tutorial I followed to do this, along with the original footage and a GIF of my final outcome.

Tutorial Video
Original Video
Edited Video

Unfortunately the panning motion of the original video wasn’t completely smooth so it still contains a “jolty” pan but I like how much motion it is able to bring to such a small clip without just speeding up the sequence.

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