Week 3 : Promo Video Research

Further Research

I began doing some research into what makes a good promo video, this video below explained a couple important tips for getting started with promo videos and what to expect. The three main takeaways were:

  • Make use of ‘master-shot’ to set your scene/introduce your video. This could be a wide angle shot or a drone shot.
  • Always come prepared for the unexpected on filming day, there will always be curve balls and the key is to be able to adapt in different situations. You may not be able to get all the shots you have envisioned in your head.
  • Use a wide range of different cameras angle and focal ranges so that when the clips are all stitched together they form a story.


As I was unable to attend our first filming session I spent some time exploring storyboarding techniques. I found a great resource from the award winning director Jodie Foster which shows how to effectively develop a storyboard. Following the steps described in the tutorial I created the following rough storyboard.


Footage Contact Sheet

Below is a contact sheet of the footage my group was able to obtain while I was away.

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