Week 2 : Location Research

Hamilton Gardens

For this assignment I have decided I would like to explore the Hamilton Gardens as my chosen location. I have chosen this location because it is somewhere I have a lot of childhood memories as I grew up in Hamilton. The Hamilton Gardens displays a wide range of different types of garden designs. Traditional botanic gardens concentrate on plant collections, conservation, research and education, while Hamilton Gardens has the unique concept of showcasing the cultural meaning and context of gardens over the past 4,000 years. The collections of gardens at Hamilton Gardens explore the history, context and meaning of gardens. Each tells a story and offers an insight into a different civilisation. Hamilton Gardens is located alongside the Waikato River. I have chosen to

Location Photographs

These are a collection of photographs I have captured at the Hamilton Gardens, these photos showcase some of the wildlife and nature found with in my location.

Colour Palette

By eye-dropping colours from the photographs seen above, I created a colour palette to display the prominent colours found with in my location. These colours closely resemble a warm spring colour palette. I think these colours perfectly resemble the beauty of nature seen at the Hamilton Gardens and I hope using this palette throughout my film will reinforce this theme.

Adobe Textures

Taking photographs on adobe capture last semester really helped me gain a deeper understanding of my location so I decided this week I would take some photos at the Hamilton Gardens for reference. The textures I captured within my location I found to be quite coarse and sharp, as well as also being natural and earthy. I believe these textures strongly represent the environment of my location. These textures have inspired me to do further research into overlaying similar line graphics over my film.

Video Research

I really enjoyed watching this short film created by TMS Productions. This short film is about someone growing up and moving from Canada to NewYork and comparing a natural environment to a concrete jungle. The way they have incorporated a poem as a voice over worked well as it helps tie together all the footage and really makes you feel like your within his thoughts. The excessive use of time-lapses really gives the viewer the feeling that time is passing by which I think is the desired effect. This film has really helped me understand the importance of the audio in my film as it provides vital context to the footage.

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