Week 4 – Filming

This weeks focus was on experimenting with different filming techniques that were given to us as a group to explore. Below is some of the footage we were able to capture this week.

Experimental Footage – Shoot 1

Overall I was happy with the outcome of our experimental shots, though reflecting on the 2 shots above I wish I had noticed the focus was on the wrong subject. As a group we had planned to re-take these shots but unfortunately due to the Covid-19 restrictions this was not possible.

Transition Of Focus – Experiment

In this shot I experimented with using the manual focus on my camera to gradually bring the subject into focus. I think the outcome gave an interesting effect to the image and will make for some good transitioning footage between our main sequences.

Comparison Between Shots

(Shallow Focal Point – Subject not in focus)

After capturing the first shot and deciding it was a bit too basic, we decided to make this shot more interesting we would transition the focus from the foliage on the lefthand side of the scene to the flowing waterfall on the right. Though the clip is short and lacks physical camera movement with the use of the shift in focus I think we were able to bring an extra effective element to this shot.

Experimental Panning Shots – (Shoot 1 & 2)

When experimenting with panning shots we were initially having trouble developing a smooth motion with the tripod. After doing some research we found it was best to overshoot the scene on both sides which gives some buffer to the footage and allows the start and finish to have some inconsistencies in speed as they can be trimmed out.

Experimental Tracking Shot – Handheld (Shoot 1)

Handheld tracking shots were definitely one of the harder techniques we explored. It was difficult to keep the camera steady without the use of a tripod of stabiliser. We resorted to a technique I found online that involved pulling the camera strap around your neck tightly to reduce your hands shaking. I think this helped increase our footage quality but it also put the camera in a more difficult position to see the live view finder. We hope there is some stabilisation that can be done in post-production to improve this footage further.

Experimental Footage – (Shoot 2)

I am happy with the footage we were able to capture in our second shoot. I think these shots are all very well exposed and focused on the appropriate subjects. I only wish we would have experimented more in terms of camera movement instead of them all being still shots, this could have added another element to these shots.

Tracking Shot/ Camera Angle Caparison – (Shoot 2)

Here are some movement shots that we captured on the same day. The first one was a pan using a horizontal movement and tracking the subject using a fluid tripod. The second one we decided to change positions to capture a different perspective.

Footage Contact Sheet

Above is a contact sheet with some of the footage from our second week of filming, I have annotated them with the name of the camera angle that was used. When reviewing our footage I came to realise I was quite repetitive in the shots we captured and wished I experimented more with camera movement and angles. However, I believe with the footage my group was able to capture the week before gives us a wide range of experimental shots to incorporate into our video.


This week our group was luckily enough to get in 2 days of shooting before we went back in to lockdown. This was pretty disappointing because I was enjoying being able to experiment with different videography techniques with the group and believe more filming sessions would have improved our overall footage, as we were able to reflect and improve. Overall I am still pleased with the footage we were able to collect and hope its enough to compose a professional and effective promo video.

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