Week 3 : Location Research

Brainstorm & Ideas

  • Wildlife/Nature
  • Documentary
  • Possible Interviews
  • Inspirational
  • Conservation
  • Natural Environment

Photographic Moodboard

I have put together a photographic moodboard containing some of my photographs I have taken at the Hamilton Gardens.

Video Research

I found this video to be extremely helpful in demonstrating how to take small clips and edit them together to work as a sequence. In this video he also explains how to bring out the 4 senses within the footage to portray the story. He also covers handheld movement shots which I think will be a challenge for me when it comes to filming.

This is another video that I found to be very useful. In this video David talks about the importance of having a storyline with one main element that the majority of your shots somehow correlate to the focal point in your film. David states that a story can have more than one main element but says that for a beginner it is easier to focus on one main element. After watching this video I think that it could be good idea if I was to focus on one area at the Hamilton Gardens as it is a very big place. I also think it could be an interesting take on things if I was to focus on a location with in a location.

Experimental Footage

Medium Close-Up Still Shot

This week I decided I would take some experimental footage at my location. Even though I am yet to plan out my film in depth, I wanted to take some handheld experiments focusing on perspective using some of the techniques I have learnt so far in my research and get an idea of what works well. Next time I am able to take more footage I will hopefully have a bit more structure when it comes to what I am shooting. Above is some of the footage I was able to capture.

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