Week 2 : Promo Video Research

I spent this week doing research into what makes a successful university promotional video, below are some of the examples I found and analysed. I will use this research to influence the design decisions we make for our video for AUT South Campus.

Promo Video Research

I like the amount of action shots that are included in this video as it really helps show what the university has to offer. I did not like the use of the text shown in a subtitle like style meaning they’re not very noticeable and I think some of those achievements as an University should be displayed proudly.

Another shorter promo for Otago university makes bolder statements with their text and I think it helps them stand out and get noticed. I also prefer the soundtrack in this one as its more fast paced which fits the theme of the constant motion in the film.

I really like the amount of energy and motion in this video and the use of short bold text sequences helps get the message across quickly without having to slow down the sequence. There are also heaps of effective transitions throughout, not just the same transition used over and over. The use of small animations is something I would like to try in our video as they are able to add an extra dimension to the footage and draw the audiences attention to the text.

The unique aspect of this promotional video compared to the one above is the use of students opinions by getting them involved for interviews to let potential students know why they think you should study there. This makes the video a lot more relatable as the viewer is not just relying on what awards the University has gained but getting real testimonials from students. I also like the lighting effects they have used on the exit sequence to liven up a basic graphic.

In this AUT promo video I like the use of the timelapse in the beginning, as it helps to quickly show the liveliness of the campus. There are also some really unique camera angles used in this video including using the reflection off the students glasses and the transition from the laptop screen to the reflection of the student. Though I did notice the majority of the transitions throughout this video are hard cuts which can get a bit repetitive with the slow pace of the film makes it more noticeable.

Manual Filming/ Filming Techniques

Before we plan to start filming next week I wanted to do some research on how to effectively capture video with my current camera. I found the tutorial above very useful, helping me to adjust the frame-rate and quality I am shooting at and ensuring I’m using the right shutter-speed for video to mitigate any blurring/ghosting. It also shows how to control audio recording which will come in handy when we film our interviews.

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