Week 9 : Game Aesthetics

Level design

Above are some rough sketches of my level designs which include obstacles, enemies and collectables.


I created a rather abstract background for my game as I want it to feel mysterious and dark. As the player passes to the next levels the background will gradually lighten. Because of this I had to find a way for the background color to change when the player is on a new level so it would blend with my background image. I found a piece of code on the internet which I applied to my player to do this.


The majority of the solid ground will be drawn with my tile map, the rest of the level like the silos and trees I have designed in Illustrator and imported them as sprites into my project.

The issue with the imported images like the trees and silos is they are not solid so the player can not interact with them. To work around this I made use of some invisible solid 3d cubes. this allowed me to line them up with my illustrations for my character to them be able to stand on. The advantage to doing it this way was that I was able to choose which parts of my illustrations were solid, meaning I could allow the character to still walk past the trunk of the trees.

Character Design

When it came to designing my character I felt I was running out of time to get my game to a playable state so for this reason I decided to base my character off a free asset. I used Photoshop adjustments to turn this character into a dark grayscale scheme with bright eyes, similar to the game ‘Limbo’ I was inspired by and referenced in earlier blogs. This free asset also came with animation illustrations so I decided to edit the running animations too, so that my character will not just be sliding.

To add the animation I followed another tutorial by ‘Blackthornprod’ which involved dragging all the frames of the animation into the scene to create an animation object. Then using the animator I set the run animation to only play when the character is moving. Unfortunately this means the character will continue to ‘run’ while mid jump.

Particle Systems

I felt my game scene was a bit too static and boring and required a bit more of a mysterious aesthetic, I tried to find out how to create some fog or mist in the scene however all the the Youtube tutorials were far too complicated for me to follow along. Instead I found a video advertising a a fog particle system that I could just drag onto my camera, this was only $9 in the Unity Store so I purchased it. I think it looks great and really compliments my dark color scheme, it also slowly moves so makes the scene less static.

Use the slider below to compare the difference in my scene before and after I added the fog.

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