Week 10 : Further Game Development

This week I continued developing my game, my main focus was making checkpoints, allowing the character to die when falling and experimenting with moving platforms.


When the player falls and dies I don’t want them to have to start all the way back at level one so instead I chose to create some checkpoints. Once the player passes a certain point at the start of each level it will save this spot for respawning after the character dies. To do this I followed another tutorial by ‘Blackthornprod’, which involves creating a ‘Gamemaster’ object will we keep track of the latest checkpoint the player has past and when the player dies set its position to that checkpoint.


The main way of dying in my game will be by falling. The video above about checkpoints showed me how to handle the characters death by restarting the scene. I then created a long invisible rectangle 3d object to act as a trigger when the character falls and hits it, the scene will be restarted and they player will spawn at the last encountered checkpoint.

Moving platforms

To add another degree of difficulty to the game I wanted to incorporate some moving platforms. I designed these in Illustrator to look like crane hanging platforms, I imported them and added invisible cubes to the platform so the character could stand on them. I then added a script that would make the object move right and left continuously. This worked great however when the character landed on the platform it would just move out from underneath the characters feet. To fix this I followed a tutorial on Youtube which helped by making the character move with the platform while they are in contact.

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