Week 2 – Placemaking & Type Skeleton

“Typography is two-dimensional architecture, based on experience and imagination, and guided by rules and readability.”

― Hermann Zapftags

Typeface Skeleton

The classes focus this week was on the skeleton of typeface. We were asked to strip a typeface down to its most raw and basic form, leaving only a basic skeleton of type. In the picture above is my hand drawn and ruled skeletal type. By removing all the typeface decorations we were able to gain a better understanding of how these decorations are applied and what effect they have on the resulting typeface.

Digitalised Skeleton

We then created digital versions of the skeleton which will be used as a base to explore typeface decorations and characteristics in the following week.

Positive & Negative Space

This week we also explored the use of positive and negative space in typography and the effect it can have on appearance and legibility. Through my exploration and research I found the importance of negative space in typography, it is what allows us to recognise distinctive shapes and identify letter forms. As we can see below without negative space it can be hard to differentiate the letter ‘e’ from a ‘c’ or an ‘o’ when we decrease the negative space, this is because we have lost the defining characteristic of an e which is the counter in the semi circle.

I also learnt that this is the reason why text in all capital letters is harder to read due to the lack of varying negative space and all the letters being the same height it takes us longer to identify the letters. To combat this most digital typefaces have increased tracking on capital letters to space the out a bit more which has proven to increase legibility.

Adobe Capture Photographs

Using Adobe Capture I explored different textures and patterns around Silo Park. I found this app to be extremely helpful and super easy to use. After looking through my photographs, I noticed a strong presence of geometric lines which reenforced my original design ideas relating to restriction and confinement. I plan to incorporate these textures when experimenting with my typeface and illustrations to represent parts of the park and emotions.


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