Week 6 : Agile Prototyping

This week we experimented with agile prototyping of platform games. We were asked to make a prototype platform game from paper, pencils, glue and cardboard. At the time of making this prototype I had not finalised my game design so it has changed a lot as I furthered developed the plot of my game. However this prototype allowed me to get a better understanding of the mechanic of the game and designing with a large horizontal level.
I created my level design with free to use assets on an A4 artboard in Illustrator, this way I could quickly create my prototype and get an idea of how to approach the design of my game. This A4 design would then be cut in half and taped together to create my level.

The long design was then taped to two pencils which would be used as scrollers to move through the level.

I then created the case for the game which would control the character on a string with a pulley.

After the rest of the casing was attached, here is my final prototype.

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