Week 3 : Plot

As I don’t often play video games I decided to do some research to find which elements make an effective video game plot. Heres a summary of what I found.

Plots are an essential part of video games it provides a purpose for the actions you make as a character. All of the most successful platform games contain a storyline, whether that be saving a distressed princess, stopping a race of evil robots or preventing world domination. A story allows the player a connection to the character and give them a sense of purpose and accomplishment as they progress through the game.

One of the most important things I found in plot development was to keep the player interested and not to drag the story out too long. I doubt this is something I will need to consider as my game is going to be rather short. Due to the length of my game it would be difficult to introduce my character and her story, without a long narrative which could immediately make the game boring. Instead I plan to develop a sense of mystery, you don’t know where you are, you don’t know the story of the character but you know you need to get out of the world you woke up in.

Revised Plot

A young girl Boo wakes up in a dark ominous land where thick smoke fills the air, she is lost and scared. She immediately gets moving to look for a way out, jumping over chasms and scaling walls until she comes across a piece of clothing and with a gasp mutters “This is hers.” . She eventually comes across a silver necklace and comes to the conclusion “She must be down here”. She eventually find a large ladder which she scales the landscape to higher land and light begins to break through, she exclaims “I must be getting closer.” She hears a growl as a dark creature crawls at her feet, she freezes not knowing what to do. Suddenly the creature bites her leg, but she manages to fend it off with a mighty kick. It drops a golden key, she picks it up and puts it in her pocket saying, “This might come in handy.”. She continues through the levels, learning new skills and passing more difficult obstacles, until she reaches the top and she can see the light above. She hears a scream for help and runs towards it. She finds a girl who resembles herself, yet she is full with color. She is chained by all limbs, Boo reaches into her pocket and tries her luck with the keys she found along the way. They worked, she’s free. She is suddenly absorbed into Boo and she faints. She awakes in Silo Park on a warm summers day and for the first time in a long time, she is happy.

Research materials

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