Week 2 : Principles of Gamification

The feelings I related to my location of Silo Park was the feeling of restriction and disconnection. These feelings stem from the nostalgia I feel as I see children in the park filled with joy, without a care in the world. This reminds me of my childhood and the freedom I used to feel without the responsibilities and the struggles that arise while growing up.

Technical Requirements

  • Playable game on PC
  • Possibly on mobile as well
  • Space exploration on the x and y axis


Player will have the following mechanics controlled by keyboard alone:

  • Jump (Up arrow key)
  • Crouch (Down arrow key)
  • Run in both forward and back directions (Left/Right arrow key)
  • Punch (Z key)
  • Kick (X key)
  • Hold/Interact (SHIFT key)


The main components in the game will be:

  • Main character ‘Boo’
  • Prisoner character (Who you are aiming to free)
  • Small crawling enemies (Kickable)
  • Small flying enemies


The main dynamic in this game will be progression, as the player moves through levels they will encounter new enemies and obstacles at which they must overcome to obtain the 4 golden keys in the hopes to free the prisoner.

Through level progression the game will increase in difficulty introducing new enemies and/or obstacles.

Level One – Will be an introduction to controls running, crouching and jumping to pass obstacles
Level Two – Will introduce the interaction with objects to aid in passing obstacles
Level Three – Will introduce monsters flying/crawling (Show that you can kick/punch or jump on them)
Level Four – All of the above including a rope swing to finally make your way to the prisoner.

The challenge of the game comes down to a limit of 3 lives however these can also be gradually restored by killing enemies which drop partial extra lives. Collect 3 to earn an extra life token.


The game will fade into a dark, smokey, black and white scene where a girl awakes to find herself lost and on her own. The smokey, mysterious and colourless aspects will dissipate as the player progresses and gets closer to completing their objective. This visual cue will give the player a sense of progression as they move through the levels. Once the objective is complete, the scene will explode with colour to cue the mission is accomplished and the player has escaped the daunting world they woke up in. Health, collected keys and extra lives will be displayed in the top of the screen not obstructing the game.


  • When the player touches objects like keys and partial extra lives they will automatically be collected.
  • Touching an enemy without attacking will cause the player to lose health
  • Jumping directly on top of an enemy will instantly kills it
  • Crawling enemies will require two kicks to kill
  • Flying enemies will only require one punch
  • Can avoid flighting flying enemies by crouching under them
  • Can avoid crawling enemies by jumping over them.
  • Story will be introduced by narrative
  • Some narrative will be cued by things happening in the game i.e player finding something that belonging to the prisoner along the way
  • Holding the up arrow on ladders will allow the player to climb.
  • Pressing the SHIFT key will allow the character to hold things like boxes/crates and ropes


A young girl has mentally ‘lost herself’, all her dreams, hope and passion has slowly faded away until nothing was left. She awakes in a dark ominous world to venture on an unknowing journey to find happiness and re-connect with the girl she once knew.

Gamification Canvas

Gamification Research

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